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Data Science, Ml & AI Expert

He is the one who has mastered the Most Advance Technologies like AI, DS & ML. Thousands of Students are thankful to Gaurav Sir.

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Python Frameworks Expert

A piece of paper doesn't decide your future and who you are! and vijay is the embodiment of that ideology.

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Mentor - Ph.D (Portugal)

A great person with huge amount of knowledge. Working on challenging R&D in cutting edge technologies in Portugal.

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IoT Expert

Understanding the hardware and software can be really amazingly useful and root of all new cool inventions and Tarun does it.

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Sai Kumar
Embedded Expert

Software field may have lot more popularity but it cannot exist without a hardware, which is Sai's Speciality.

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IoT Expert

Internet of Things is the new state of the art Technology in Industry and Mr. Naresh has mastery of this art.

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Financial Manager

Maybe not so great with the computer but when it comes with people, Mr. Rahman is the best there is.

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Asset Aquisition Manager

Abhishek is a Social guy with many contacts. He suports Niltech by handling all the Property and Asset Aquisitions.

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T. Sreekanth
Ml, AI & Computer Vision Expert

Great learner and a great person, a true master always hone his skills

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